Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Wall Art Sign

My sister posted a wall art sign that she liked from Etsy that said "We can do hard things". The plain black and white sign was $75! I know she wasn't going to spend $75 on it or anything, but I thought that was a bit extreme for a simple piece of painted wood. I decided it would be a fun DIY project to make the sign and give to her. Here's how I did it:

My budget was $15. Using a 50% off coupon from AC Moore, I purchased a pack of vinyl letters for $6.50. The remaining money was spent at Lowe's on a piece of birch wood, a can of black spray paint, a can of white spray paint, and hardware to hang the art. I placed all of my materials on the patio table on our deck.

1. After laying a plastic tablecloth down, I spray painted several coats of white paint on the piece of wood.

2. After it dried, I placed the vinyl letters on the board. This step was the most challenging and tedious part of the process. The spacing still isn't perfect since I never actually measured anything.

3. Once the letters were smoothly adhered to the board, I spray painted several coats of black paint.

4. After the black paint was mostly (but not completely) dry, I used tweezers to carefully peel off each vinyl letter.

5. Once the wood dried completely, I lightly sanded parts of it to make a distressed look. This isn't the greatest picture, but you get the gist.

6. The only thing I have left to do is nail the hardware on the back.

The entire day Jesse was telling me not to get my hopes up, even showing me Pinterest Fails. I love when I can prove him wrong, and when cheap DIY projects turn out the way I envision! Now I need to come up with a sign to make for ourselves since I have all the materials.