Saturday, November 8, 2014

Simple Pleasures Saturday

While no single event today has been extraordinary, there have been so many little indulgences that have made me gleeful. 

1. Jackson spent the day with his MiMi and PaPa. After dropping him off, Jesse and I went thrift store shopping with the trio. We bought these books and toys for the kids for $2.40. The books are waterproof, which means they can go in little mouths, the bath, and can't be torn. I bought the puzzle and memory game because I'm trying to work on more educational games with Jackson.

2. I also bought a decent pair of jeans for $3.50. The last time I bought jeans was in early 2012, before we started trying for a second (and third and fourth) child. The single pair of jeans I owned became victim to fat thigh syndrome and were shredded. I bought a size up today, which means they actually fit and I don't have an enormous muffin top. Perhaps I should be ashamed about getting a bigger size, but I'm just elated to have a pair of jeans that fit!

3. You might be wondering what is so spectacular about the picture below. While it might not look impressive to you, I had a blissful 2.5 hours where the trio napped, Jesse went to a movie, Jackson was with his grandparents, and I HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF! (I am lucky to get an hour while the trio nap and Jackson's at preschool, and that time is spent preparing dinner, sweeping, mopping, etc.) I loaded the dishwasher without toddlers pulling the dishes out. I folded clothes and stuffed diapers without them being thrown all over the floor. I listened to music I like (that Jesse hates). And when the house was clean, I ran out of chores to do. So....

4. ...I sat on the couch with my feet up and drank a glass of wine. (I only drink a few times a month, so it's always a relaxing treat.)

5. I made my all-time favorite meal: mashed potatoes, pot roast, and creamed spinach. The roast cooked in the crock-pot for 8 hours. Anytime I eat mashed potatoes and roast, I am transported to my childhood dinner table, eating this meal with my entire family.

6. Of course, a good meal tastes better with good company. I had asked Jesse's parents to stay for dinner when they brought Jackson home.

7. The final indulgence was making and sharing pound cake. To be perfectly honest, this is not one of my favorite desserts. (Cake without icing is practically sinful.) But my father-in-law loves this pound cake, and I love making him something that I know he will enjoy. 

That's how I enjoy a Saturday!


  1. It was a wonderful day, I love it when Jack and Levi come to play. And supper and the pound cake was delicious!

  2. Jeans that fit are almost as necessary in life as good cake!