Sunday, January 4, 2015

Living Room Makeover

I'm pretty sure Jesse worked more at home the past two weeks than he did the entire first half of the school year. In addition to the trio's room, Jackson's room, and the dining room, we also rearranged the living room. 

The biggest changes we made were:

  • Moved the loveseat to the adjacent wall.
  • Moved the large clock from the dining room into the living room.
  • Moved the metal tree, painted it yellow, and hung it in the dining room. In it's place, I put up a vinyl tree from Ikea that I bought a year ago.
  • Moved the play kitchen from the dining room into the living room.
  • Gave away the "fancy chair" in the corner. (Free curb Craigslist ad)
  • Moved the recliner into the corner.

The two little Christmas presents we added were a picnic table and a toddler chair. Both of these are big hits. The table doubles as a place to eat and a climbing gym.

Here's the view from the front door:

And the view from the dining room:

Home sweet home!

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  1. Looks good; the toddler chair is cute! We did a lot of rearranging as well...but I seem to do that so often it's no longer notable :p