Saturday, July 21, 2012

Juice Fast: Day 2

Damn you, day 2.  At least your end is near.

Today Jesse and I discovered that we really dislike tomato juice.

No Bloody Mary for us!

Our taste buds must already be adjusting as the strawberry-grape juice was sickly sweet.  Who would have thought?

Here are our reactions from Day 2:
  • Jesse's perspective: My head didn't hurt as bad today.  I miss eating food and dread having to drink my next meal.  I just want a pizza.
  • Bonnie's perspective: In between bouts of chronic diarrhea, I felt perfectly fine. My bathroom needs take on a sense of urgency with no warning.  I have no appetite, though the juices are fairly refreshing. 
  • We both went for a bike ride late this afternoon and our energy levels have been fine.
Please have mercy, Day 3...

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