Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday (x3)

Our family had the pleasure of celebrating as my brother-in-law, sister, and family friend all turned 30 this week! 

The first birthday celebration took place at a local minor league baseball game.  Jesse's brother, Jason, enjoyed Thirsty Thursday night with the team mascot, his family, and close friends.   
His wife, Chrissy, had rented a VIP box, which provided indoor air-conditioned space for eating and cooling off, as well as the box seats outside to watch the game.  Jackson spent a good portion of time eating indoors with his PaPa or watching the game in his MiMi's arms.

The weather was surprisingly mild, though the game was impatiently slow.  Jesse and I stayed 2.5 hours, and the game was still only in the 5th inning!  The evening was very laid-back and fun.  It appears that the birthday boy had a good time, too.

Unfortunately, I don't have photographic proof of any other 30th birthday festivities. 
The following evening many friends and family members gathered for a surprise birthday party for my sister and her friend.  There were copious amounts of desserts and friends gathered to honor them.  As far as I know, it actually remained a surprise to both of them.

Once the clock struck midnight, I made my traditional birthday phone call for my sister.  A few hours later I entered into an 18 hour panic attack from hell, while the rest of my family went camping.  I did try to make up for my lack of birthday celebrating with a surprise cake for my sister when she returned.  It was chocolate with mocha buttercream.

Hooray for a new decade and all the memories it will bring for these friends and family members!

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  1. I was seriously sad when we finished off that cake. YUM.