Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinterest Party

A friend of mine hosted a Pinterest party this afternoon.  The goal was to pre-select a craft or recipe and bring all the ingredients or materials to create your project.  I had originally planned on going camping with my sister, but that didn't work out in light of yesterday's anxiety levels and current medication.  At the last minute, I decided to attend the party.  If I had planned on going, I would have found a great craft to use my scrapbooking paper.  Instead, I found this easy recipe for s'mores dip.  I had everything in my pantry except marshmallow fluff.  After a quick trip to Food Lion, Jackson and I were on our way.  The dip was quick and tasty.

The highlight of the gathering was playing with all the baby boys.  We make some cute kids!   The newest addition to our Irwin family is a precious 2 week old girl.  I love that Jackson can play with his friends while I play with mine!

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