Monday, July 30, 2012

Sticky Fingers

This would be the face of one guilty little boy.  Not only has Jackson mastered climbing the oven, he has now learned to open the cabinets to assist him in stepping up to reach the counter.  I had individual layers of  a warm chocolate cake cooling on the counter.  Mr. Glutton helped himself to a layer while I was upstairs and Jesse was in the living room.  After a few minutes of silence, Jesse investigated and found Jack sprinkled in chocolate crumbs with a fistful of cake in each hand.  He had already eaten half of a layer when Jesse yelled for me to come downstairs. 

Every time we think we've toddler-proofed the house, Jackson has learned something new.  How am I always being outsmarted by a 15 month old?  You've got to love this constantly curious kid...

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