Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday Outtakes

Today's photos were just a second too late from capturing what was a picture perfect moment.

We had a relatively eventful Monday.  As usual, it began with our free Ikea breakfast and stroll around the store.  

While Jackson took his morning nap, Jesse and I enjoyed some quality time together.  When Jack awoke, he decided to have a slumber party with all of his favorite animals.

Monday morning means cleaning out the refrigerator of all leftovers before our weekly grocery shopping trip.  Jesse heated up a tupperware container of old mac-n-cheese and dumped the entire thing on Jack's tray.  He also had fruit and chicken nuggets.  The poor kid looked like he was going to eat himself to death. 

After lunch, Jackson discovered that he can now climb in his toy box.  As always, he clapped with pride at his new discovery.  Unfortunately, he lacks the coordination to gracefully climb out of the box.

Our biggest accomplishment today was purchasing a new bike and child seat.  We spent the better part of the afternoon in the driveway.  Jesse and Jack worked on installing the child's seat to Jesse's bike, while I retaught myself how to ride a bike (more on that later).

Our whole family went for a bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner. 

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  1. that is just about the funniest picture of you I have ever seen...ranks right up there with the bathroom counter picture with the hair dryer.