Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All Good Things Come to an End

I decided on Day 3 (after Jesse left me high and dry) that I would end the fast after Day 5.  After lots of research, anything past 5 days required medical supervision.  Even the Reboot website that features Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead doesn't promote a juice-only fast beyond 3 days.  All of their plans include juicing along with eating soups, salads, and other meals of fruits and veggies.  I did not consume a single strawberry or grape while fasting.

I broke my fast today (Day 6) with greek yogurt and almonds for breakfast.  I had black beans, brown rice, fresh pico de gallo, and lettuce mixed together for lunch.  I have only eaten small portions when I'm hungry, which hasn't been often.

I'm still not sure I believe in all the detox facts since I couldn't find real scientific articles.  Then again, there must be some truth since people have been fasting in alternative medicine throughout ancient history.  The only thing I can report is that my tongue has become a healthy shade of pink, my digestive system is regulating, and my energy levels are great.  While weight loss was never a goal of mine, I did end up losing 8 pounds.

Both Jesse and I decided to fast in hopes that we would shock our bodies into a healthier diet.  We wanted to listen to our bodies for hunger cues, stay hydrated, and fill ourselves with nutritious food.  Prior to the fast, I probably consumed 2-3 fruits and vegetables per week-either canned or frozen.  Just like in school cafeterias, my vegetables consisted of spaghetti sauce or potatoes and my lean meat was turkey or chicken nuggets.  Most of my diet centered around sugar and processed carbohydrates.  Since the fast, Jesse and I have completed restocked our fridge with fresh produce.  Our pantry is full with healthy staples from Trader Joe's.  We brainstormed a long list of healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas. 

In just under a week we have made radical, (hopefully) lasting changes to our lifestyle.  We go for nightly bike rides as a family and are filling our bodies with nutrient-rich foods.  Throughout the past five days, I have quoted 1 Corinthians numerous times.  I am making every effort to treat my body as the temple God created it to be. 

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  1. Take my girls for a week, I guarantee you'll eat more fruits and veggies then you ever thought possible. On second thought, just take Livie, that's pretty much all I can get her to eat right now =P