Monday, July 9, 2012

26th Birthday in Pictures

While my birthday was on Tuesday, we began celebrating with a birthday breakfast at Ikea on Monday.  My sisters, nieces, and nephews accompanied Jesse, Jackson, and I.  We enjoyed a free breakfast before browsing through Ikea. 

For my actual birthday, our family took advantage of our Discovery Place membership.  Jackson has mastered walking since the last time we visited, which made the trip a lot more fun.  He enjoyed standing on the stools and peering through the aquarium glass.

 We also enjoyed the interactive exhibits,

 as well as the water table play area.

We concluded my birthday festivities with a spaghetti dinner with the whole family.  My mother-in-law brought lots of outdoor toys including frisbees, water balloons, and water guns.  The littlest ones found the most entertainment playing in the bucket,

while the bigger kids took over the backyard and ran themselves ragged.

Dessert included a delicious brown sugar pound cake, courtesy of my mother-in-law.  

And there you have it, another good birthday!

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