Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alva Diaper Review: 1 Year Later

Last year I used my birthday money to order 20 Alva one-size pocket diapers for $84 (including S&H).  They arrived two weeks later from China.  When I look at my blog stats, my Alva post is always the number one most frequently searched for/read post.  So, what is my opinion of these amazingly cheap diapers one year later?

We've used these diapers exclusively for a year, and we have just recently begun to experience some problems. 

This is what the inside of the diaper should look like, with the PUL attached: 

In the past month, we have had to throw away three diapers because of delaminating.  The plastic lining has separated from the cloth, causing the soaked inserts to leak through the diaper.  This could be our fault for rinsing them on a hot cycle when stripping the diapers.  I think it's really just a cheap PUL, though.

Delaminated Alva

The only other issue is that there is definite wing droop now that we've adjusted his diapers to the largest snap setting.  Jackson is a bit longer but lacks a large waist.  If he is climbing and bending while wearing just a diaper, you can see the Alva shift around a lot.  Since Jackson is really in-between snaps, there is a poor fit right now.  I've read where other moms added another hip snap to alleviate this problem, but I'm not that crafty or that concerned. 

Square tabs need another row of snaps?

So the final verdict...

While I doubt these diapers will survive cloth diapering another child, they are worth every penny we paid.  It's still significantly cheaper than disposable diapers or any other cloth diaper I've seen before, even if I purchased a new shipment every year.  They are decent quality and the best $84 I've spent. 

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  1. I'd like to point out the sheer irony of the fact that you are promoting "made in China" products on Independence Day. Totally hilarious.

    I'm rather happy Jack found diapers that meet his sensitive skin needs =)