Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Date at the Dragway

Jesse won four tickets for a drag race through a local radio station (a $240 value).  We were undecided about going because neither of us have any real interest in drag racing and we knew arranging childcare could be a headache.  Things fell into place as Jesse's brother and sister-in-law generously offered to babysit at our house.  Jesse's mom wanted to go so Jesse invited his parents to go with us.  Even though Jesse and I could only stay for two hours, we had a lot of fun!
Thankfully Jesse's dad brought everyone ear plugs
I assumed drag racing was similar to NASCAR, but quickly learned it's nothing like it.  We didn't experience everything I hate about NASCAR: the cautions, wrecks, drunk rednecks, monotonous repetition of going around a track.  But we still got to experience the loud engines and smell of rubber.  There was no time to get bored since the cars only raced for 5-8 seconds and there was a continuous line-up of cars ready to race.  I was fascinated that the specialty cars traveled so fast in such short distances that they had to use parachutes to help them stop.  

The large digital sign depicted the time and speed for each car.  That's right--that car completed the race in 5 seconds and traveled 261 mph!  Jesse's parents stayed the entire day and came over to our house later for a cookout.  They said the top cars had speeds of over 300 mph!  I kept thinking what a great physics lesson it would be.

We could not have asked for better weather!  It was a clear, sunny day with temperatures in the mid-70's.  There was an occasional strong breeze that even made it feel quite chilly.  It was kind of day that makes you eager for autumn. 

Could have been a really cute picture if the wind cooperated!
This is now the second opportunity Jesse and I have had to do something of our choice for a few hours without the kids.  I am so thankful for friends and family who care for our children while giving us time to spend on our own. 

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