Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Storytime: Take Two

When I told Jesse last night that I was going to take Jackson back to the library today, he laughed at me and said, "You must be crazy!"  I explained that I can't be afraid to take my children out in public just because of one bad incident.  I certainly won't refuse to go to the library of all places. 
So...back we went.  I made it abundantly clear that Jackson MUST hold onto the stroller straps until we got inside the room.  He followed directions well.
We missed Toddler Storytime yesterday but were able to attend Family Storytime today.  It actually worked out even better because it was intended for a wider age-range.  I parked the stroller in the back corner of the room.  The girls were sleeping but James was alert so I held him in my lap and made him do the little motions along with the songs.  Jackson thought this was funny. 
One of the songs required kids to balance a bean bag on various body parts.  Jackson cracked me up because instead of balancing the object on each body part (head, shoulder, foot) he firmly held it in place with both hands.  He was concentrating so hard, though! 
Jackson's face lit up when the leader said it was time to blow bubbles.  While all the other kids were happily popping the bubbles all over the room, Jack just kept following the woman around asking, "I want bubbles! Where are my bubbles?".  Of course, he misunderstood and assumed he would actually get to blow the bubbles himself.  I didn't get a picture, but James, on the other hand, was completely intrigued and enamored by the many bubbles floating around. 

While the bubbles were disappointing to Jack, the leader won him over by giving each child a sticker before leaving.

After storytime, Jack insisted on reading James a story.  (The girls were still sleeping.)  He selected an animal book and pointed to each animal saying, "See lion, James.  See horse, James."  It was super cute. 

His reward for good behavior was to get water at the water fountain, scan Jesse's CD's that were on hold, and of course, to press the wheelchair access button!

 Storytime (take two) was a success!


  1. So sorry you had such a bad experience at the library. Amazing what can trigger the toddler tantrums. I still cannot believe how others reacted. So proud of you for going back so soon. It was good for Jackson to have another chance to listen and enjoy library time. So proud of you and all that you are doing for your children!

  2. Determination and persistence....just a few traits that have gotten and will always get you to reach your goals, which by the way I have never doubted for one minute that you will reach all of your hopes and dreams :)