Friday, September 27, 2013

Evolving Belly: A Photo Timeline

I participated in a discussion with other triplet moms about what our post partum bellies looked like.  It got me thinking about how drastically my skin has stretched over the past three years.  I debated on making these photos public, but we all know I have no shame.  It bothers me that women don't take pride in their bodies, especially after carrying multiple children.  If anyone ever wants to look at my pictures and dare make any negative comments, I'll show them a picture of my babies and have them find something negative to say then! 

This was what I looked like just before conceiving Jackson.  I had just completed the Country Music Half Marathon, was eating well, and wore a size 8.  
May 2010
Here I am at 40 weeks pregnant with Jackson.  I remember thinking how huge I was and that my body couldn't possibly stretch anymore.  

April 2011
This was taken exactly 4 weeks post partum from Jackson.  My belly button was a sinkhole and the stretch marks felt like valleys.  My hips had expanded so much I couldn't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I wore size 12.
May 2011
In 2012, I had two miscarriages and a D&C, gained another 15 lbs and a dress size, and went on medication for massive anxiety attacks...all before conceiving triplets.

Next is me at max capacity with over 18 lbs of babies!  My uterus had expanded to 62 cm at over 36 weeks pregnant with triplets.  My skin burned and itched from being so thinly stretched.
July 2013
And finally, I took this photo at 10 weeks post partum.  I've lost 60 of the 70 pounds I gained and can squeeze into pre-pregnancy pants but prefer elastic.  I still have the linea nigra, deep stretch marks, squished belly button, and hanging skin.  I don't expect it to change much and am at peace with it.  I would never consider a tummy tuck because it would mean more surgery. 

September 2013
And there you have it.  Blame it on genetics, poor diet, lack of using stretch mark cream, triplets, whatever.  It is what it is and I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. Blame it on genetics; my belly looked like your last shot after only having my first. Good news, it doesn't look any worse, after 5 :p

  2. You gave me hope with your post. I had triplets too, gaining 150 lbs. with the experience. I vascillate between wanting a tummy tuck and not. I'm 50 now, and am finally coming to peace with my belly!