Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alligator Cookies

For the past few weeks, Jackson's nightly book requests have been If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and this book:
After one too many outings this week, we spent a relaxed day at home catching up on laundry.  Jackson was persistent about wanting cookies, so I decided to have some fun by making our own sugar cookies.  After putting the babies down for their morning nap, Jackson and I began baking.  Jack is an old pro at filling measuring cups, dumping them in a bowl, and starting the mixer.

Like any baker, the real reason he likes to cook is to sample the dough.

Jackson was especially amused with the next step of dusting the counter with flour and rolling the dough flat.  He just kept looking at me to make sure it was okay and saying, "Mommy, we make a mess?"  Of all the cookie cutters to choose from, Jack selected an alligator.  After frequently using cookie cutters with play dough, he did a great job putting the alligator cookies on the pan without distorting the shape. 

In case anyone is thinking it, yes, I'm aware of how close Jack's feet are to the food.  If you've ever eaten my cakes, fear not; Jackson's feet were not on the counter.  These cookies were just for us.

While the cookies baked we whipped up a quick frosting. 

Jackson was so proud of his alligator cookies.  It was the first thing he told Jesse about and the last thing he talked about before bed. 


  1. Awesome looking cookies, Jackson! You should be proud. And you, too, mommy. Love the connections to books and the special things you continue to do with him.

  2. That face...he looks so miserable over his cookies. FWIW, I'd eat them even with his foot in the dough ;)

  3. I love this! What an awesome way to spend a morning!