Friday, September 27, 2013

Not According to Plans

Here are a few things we encountered this week that I didn't anticipate:

While singing "Open Shut Them" during storytime at the library, I glanced up to see blood trickling out of Jackson's nose.  I just broke out the baby wipes and kept on singing before he had a chance to freak out.

Later that afternoon Jackson awoke from his nap hysterical. I was feeding all three babies, but stopped to run upstairs and see what the cause of his blood curdling cries were.  Poor thing had soaked through his diaper, pants, and sheets after drinking two cups of water before naptime. 

As I walked downstairs carrying all the bottles and freshly pumped milk I slid and dropped them in the hallway.  Why was the floor wet, you ask?  Cat vomit.

After loading everyone up in the van to head to the park, I looked back and noticed Jackson didn't have shoes!  Thankfully we were still in the neighborhood so I turned around to quickly get them.  A little over halfway to the park, the skies open up with torrential rain.

About 5 minutes into my 3 a.m. pumping session, the power went out.  And the battery pack was dead.  My only choice was to hand express.

While I was warned that the IUD could cause spotting, I've been surprised with heavy bleeding and a decrease in milk supply this morning.  Praying it's a temporary side effect.

It was Jesse's turn yet again for more car battery troubles, this time with the car.  He had to jumpstart the car with the van this morning.  He's going to become an expert with jumper cables soon.

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