Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breastmilk Storage 101

Step 1: Pump milk. 
My assorted bottles were taking over the refrigerator and becoming an unorganized mess.  I rotate the bottles and use the oldest milk first, but I had accumulated so many bottles that I was getting confused.  I tend to be a few ounces short during my daily pumps, but overcompensate with my middle of the night pumps.  Therefore, I need to keep around 12 oz in the fridge at any given time to add to bottles as necessary.  I have recently been producing enough excess to freeze.  I ended up with 58 ounces in the fridge from the past week.  Sadly, I had to discard 6 oz of spoiled milk.

Step 2: Pour milk into bags.  Be sure to write the date and number of ounces. 
Step 3: Freeze flat.

I froze ten 4-oz bags of milk from the past week.
 Step 4: Cut a slit along the bottom edge of a small gift bag. 

Step 5: Place the oldest milk on the bottom and continually place the most recent milk on top.  Pull the oldest milk from the bottom slit to constantly rotate your stash.

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