Monday, September 9, 2013

Tummy Time at 8 Weeks

The babies have some form of tummy time after almost every feed.  We have multiple playmats and boppy pillows throughout the house to  utilize.  Of course, they also spend tummy time on my chest and in the pack-n-play. 

Amelia likes tummy time the least of the three.  She can just now lay on her stomach without crying.  She gets up on her arms to lift herself, looks around annoyed, then flops back down.  She repeats this process a dozen more times before wailing.

James and Madeline are totally rocking tummy time, especially on boppy pillows.  Since James loves to look around, he seems to actually enjoy tummy time the most.

Maddie looks like a bobble head lifting herself up, but she gains stability after a few seconds.

What is especially exciting is that the babies are beginning to interact with each other.  I wouldn't say they are "talking" to one another yet, but they are definitely looking at each other and starting to make different sounds.

I seriously cannot wait 'til the triplets really are talking and playing with one another!

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