Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Postpartum OB Check

Amidst all my confidence in running errands with the kids, I should have stopped while I was ahead!  Today was my routine post partum check up.  I was supposed to schedule the appointment between 4-6 weeks postpartum, which would have worked out perfectly with Jesse and/or his mother still being out of work to watch the kids.  Unfortunately, my OB was on vacation then and this was the first available appointment at 7 weeks postpartum.  I had dreaded taking all four kids to my appointment, but it seemed like the most sensible option.  I knew I had family and friends that could babysit, but I assumed it would be easier to just take the kids with me rather than drive an hour or more to drop them off with family and pick them back up.  I know better now.

The worst part about the appointment was that it was scheduled for 9:30.  (Clearly, I made the appointment before I established a routine with the triplets.)  It takes half an hour to get there, which means I had to leave by 9 at the latest.  That is the same time as our first feed of the day and I hate to get off schedule because it throws off the entire day.  I didn't wake any of the kids until 8:15 a.m.  In under an hour I pumped, showered, dressed, fed/changed/dressed all four kids, and loaded everyone in the van. 

After busting my butt to get out of the door on time, there was a wreck on the interstate so I was ten minutes late anyway.  As soon as I walked into the doctor's office I knew they were already overbooked based on the number of people waiting.  I was utterly humiliated by Jackson's behavior in the waiting room.  To be fair, Jackson really was on his best behavior the first 20-30 minutes.  We brought Clifford and some of his toy cars to play with.  We read stories from the Highlights magazine.  (Who knew that was still in publication?)  But a two year old can only sit down quietly in a chair for so long.  The waiting room was overcrowded and the whole office was running 45 minutes behind schedule.  Every stranger that passed by commented on the babies, while ignoring Jackson.  He had a total meltdown, shouting "I'm ready to go!".  He ripped handfuls of my hair out, bit my arm, and kicked the babies in the stroller.  I didn't even hear the nurse call my name because I was trying to deal with Jackson.

Thankfully the boy got it together with the help of the amazing nurse and OB.  They let him play with gloves, blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope.  I naively assumed the appointment would simply consist of a blood pressure check and examination of the incision.  On the contrary, I had to give a urine sample, bloodwork to check hemoglobin levels, and have a pelvic exam.  (Jackson made me laugh when he asked, "Why are you a naked girl, Mommy?"  He was also concerned about my "boo boo" and asked the nurse if she had a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid for me.) 

I absolutely love my OB.  After examining me, she immediately picked up Amelia and said, "Do you remember me?  I was the first person to see you.  I gave you to your Mommy."  She was especially happy that I gave her a birth announcement since they were the first triplets she had ever delivered.

As far as the actual appointment, all is well.  My iron levels were back up after having plummeted following delivery.  Blood pressure was normal.  Incision healed well.  After not stepping on a scale since pregnancy, I was surprised to see that I've lost 60 of the 70 pounds I had gained.  Best of all, I don't have any concerns about post partum depression, which is something I was expecting to experience.  I am relieved to be feeling physically and emotionally sound. 
After years of being pregnant and/or trying to conceive, it's strange for me to think about birth control.  I had planned on getting my tubes tied, but decided in the last month of my pregnancy that I wasn't ready to make any permanent decisions at only 27 years old.  After talking with my doctor, I filled out paperwork today and am awaiting insurance confirmation to get an IUD inserted. 
Come hell or high water, I will not be taking the kids to that appointment.

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  1. I had the mirena iud.. It was ok had some cramps and spotting on and off... But hubby could feel it during you know what ..(which everyones anatomy is different so it might not be a problem for u) so i had mine taken out.
    Still a goid option. Yea ut kinda sucks when people fuss over the multiples and not the singleton ... Keep on keepin on Bonnie. You will have days like that and when their 10 and jacksons 12 you can laugh about them !