Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Only Wednesday!

Updated: After realizing what an ungrateful curmudgeon I was being, I added prayers to each scenario. 

Time for a pity party!  Here are a few curveballs that life has thrown at us over the past three days:

-Late Monday afternoon I preheated the oven for baked potatoes.  After 15 minutes, I still didn't hear it beep to let me know it's ready.  After 30 minutes, I opened the oven door, only to feel cold metal.  Turns out the heating element no longer works (at least that's what we think).  Jesse couldn't find a replacement part in any local stores so he had to order one online.  Now I have to rearrange our menu and do some creative meal planning and possibly more grocery shopping this week. 
Thank you Lord for equipping us with the finances and resources to fix our oven, as well as other means to prepare food.  Thank you for friends who bring us meals.  Unlike so many in this world, we do not know what hunger is.  Help me to remember not to take your provisions for granted.   

-Due to my own doctor's appointment, we decided it would be best for Jesse to take the van to work since he would probably be home before I would and we had to take the triplets to their 2-month well check.  At 7 a.m. Jesse came upstairs to tell me that the van's battery was dead.  We had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to jumpstart the car. He was late to work.
Lord, you always provide us with resources and tools we need.  I am grateful for the timing, and that no one was stranded in a difficult situation.  Help me to slow down and appreciate our many blessings. 

-As soon as my OB/GYN office called about the IUD, I scheduled the first available appointment.  (My health insurance runs out at the end of the month since I will switch from paid maternity leave to parental leave without benefits.  The clock is ticking!)  What should have been a simple, quick procedure ended up being a 40 minute, painful ordeal that involved four different medical professionals.  Apparently my uterus is now J-shaped and my doctor was concerned about "perforating my uterus" because she kept "getting resistance" while trying to insert it (ouch).  I had to redress and go in another room where an ultrasound technician and a team of doctors made sure it was correctly inserted.
Heavenly Father, thank you for watching over the procedure and giving my doctor the wisdom to take a closer look.  Thank you for providing the physicians with the technology to do their job with utmost precision.  I am especially grateful that you continue to keep my body strong and healthy.

-Jesse took off work early to go home, load all four kids into the van, and meet me at the pediatrician's office for the babies 2-month visit.  I knew I would get there a few minutes before them, so I went inside to give them our new insurance cards.  The receptionist kindly explained that their office would not accept our Medicaid cards until it was printed with their office name on the card.  Our two options were to reschedule or go ahead and pay upfront and be reimbursed later.  I asked how much it would cost and he said, "Let's see.  2-months.  They'll each get four vaccines.  That's 12 vaccines total.  We've got well-check cost, times three.  That'll be $630."  Clearly, that's not an option (especially after paying nearly $600 for a new ignition switch in the van).  By the time we get new insurance cards (again!) and reschedule (b/c it's oh so easy to block off 3 back-to-back appointment times) they'll be 3 months old!
God I pray that you will continue to bless and provide for our family.  We trust in you to supply our needs.  I pray that you will continue to keep our children healthy.

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  1. Wow, I need to do this. I have been throwing some major pity parties lately... so glad you see the good in things and inspire me to do the same..