Friday, March 28, 2014

8 Month Old Playtime

Eight months old is such a fun age!  I absolutely love watching the babies' interactions with one another and how they play with their toys. Now that we have two sitters and one scooter, the trio are showing interest in toys that they previously didn't care about. 

The activity cube offers entertainment for each baby. James and Maddie are content sitting and playing with the lights, music, mirrors, and gadgets on each side. Amelia is happier confiscating the blocks and scooting away.

Maddie and James took turns driving their stationary car today.

This photo op was short lived as James got mad that he couldn't press the buttons and Maddie cried because James was pushing her.  It was amusing to witness their interactions and first attempts at sharing.

Amelia was elated to jump in the jumper/exersaucer.  She would jump about ten times, then laugh and blow raspberries, then jump some more. Her leg strength is impressive.

The babies are also developing cause and effect relationship with their toys.  I'm noticing each baby make intentional efforts of pressing certain buttons that create different outcomes.  For example, Maddie favors manipulating the monkey to make his arms move, whereas Amelia likes to press the top buttons for animal sounds.

After so many months of watching the trio lay on their backs, it still surprises me to look at them sitting or moving about the living room.

I want to enjoy this stage for a while longer before having to bring out the walkers and toddler toys.

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