Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day: A Lesson in Preparedness

Today was one of those days that had potential to be great but everything just turned out half-assed.

Our morning began with the usual changings and feedings, followed by a photo shoot.  All my triplet mom friends were posting pictures of their babies wearing matching outfits with sayings like "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and "Mommy's Lucky Charm" or green bows and tutus.  All I wanted was a simple picture with all four kids wearing green.  I laid out a green leprechaun shirt for Jackson but he refused to wear it.  Go figure.

I spent too much time trying to coax Jackson to wear a green shirt and the babies quickly tired from sitting on the couch.  This was the best of the bunch.

It was a freezing, rainy Monday so we headed to the rec center for open gym.  The doors to the gym are not quad stroller friendly and it was so cold I opted to wear Maddie and use the double stroller.  I pulled the stroller down from a top shelf in the garage and made sure I had the seats.  (The seats pop off in order to fold the stroller.)  Again, my preparations weren't quite thorough enough as I later realized I was missing an essential piece.   I'll let you figure it out.

After watching an Irish inspired episode of America's Test Kitchen, I altered our dinner plans to include Guinness beef stew with Irish soda bread for dinner this evening.  I glanced at the ingredients list, but not the directions.  I asked Jesse to pick up a Guinness on the way home from work.  He came home at 5 and I started cutting vegetables and browning the meat.  I pulled up the recipe and realized at that point that it took 2.5 hours to cook!  Oops.  I threw everything in the fridge for tomorrow and cooked spaghetti instead.

At least the bread was a success.

Did I mention we're not even Irish?  Oy!

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