Friday, March 7, 2014

Downtime and Flu Shots

It's no secret that I love being out and about.  When you're running errands, the house stays clean, the kids get a change of scenery, and I can interact with other adults.  Unfortunately, I like to stay busier than Jackson does.  It's taken me nearly three years to realize my introverted boy needs downtime to recover from an overly stimulating day.  After preschool, he sweetly asks, "You want to snuggle, Mommy?" He's perfectly content sitting on my lap while watching TV or being read to all afternoon.  Unfortunately, his three siblings demand my attention more. 

I had to take the babies for their second flu shot today by myself.  It really wasn't a big deal and if I had felt uncomfortable going alone I would have asked Jesse to take off work early.  The only thing I was slightly worried about was Jackson's unpredictable mood. Since their appointment was in the afternoon I knew I had to be careful not to exhaust Jackson so he would be my happy little helper. 

In attempts to preserve his energy, we had a very low key morning at home. Our day consisted of watching a lot of Umizoomi,

Even Amelia can't turn away
 tummy time,
Stuffing diapers is one of my least favorite chores.

and "car washes" (aka smearing shaving cream on a cookie sheet and running Jackson's cars through it).

When it came time for the babies' appointment, Jackson was eager to get out of the house.  It was pouring rain and so cold outside.  Jacks was very intent on dressing appropriately.

The receptionist had assured me when I scheduled the appointment that we would be in and out of the office in under thirty minutes. The pediatrician's office is one of those places that has multiple doors and winding hallways.  I didn't even consider using the quad stroller!   I opted to carry James and Amelia in their carseats and wear Maddie in the ergo. 

The nurse was amazing! She let me leave James and Amelia in their car seats and simply unbutton their pajamas.  All three fussed and screamed when the needle pierced their flesh, but no tears were shed.  I took these pictures AFTER their shots. 

Our fantastic nurse even carried James out to the van for me.  Jackson was a great helper opening doors for us. 

Jesse brought home pizza for dinner and we spent most of the evening on the couch.  Our brief outing did not expend enough energy as Jackson was obnoxiously loud and hyper.  He finally crashed after 8 p.m. 

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  1. I loved reading about your adventure to the doctor with your babies. Your mommy organizational skills are superb and definitely something us moms can learn from, especially me. Triplet babies not shedding a tear when getting a shot, fantastic nurses that helped you every step of the way and the hubs bringing home pizza can best be described as perfect!

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group