Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Park Post

I have a few posts that are more serious in nature sitting in draft mode.  Quite frankly, I don't want to share them yet, so I'm going to stay in my perfect bubble and publish yet another park post.  This morning we headed to Dan Nicholas Park.  It's a longer drive, but we wanted to visit our favorite MiMi at her nearby work. 

We were still off schedule as a result of the time change.  It's amazing how little I care about the time changing when I don't have to drive to work in the morning.  Jackson and I made waffles while the babies slept late.  As soon as they were dressed and fed, I loaded everyone in the van.  Forty-five minutes later we were ready to play.  The girls were quite content to leisurely stroll in the shade.  

James did not have the same luxury as the girls, since the canopy on the quad stroller doesn't extend far enough to block the sun in the front seats.  He was content playing with the giant abacus, nevertheless.

This park was perfect for our timid Jackson.  It has dozens of separate playgrounds all in one large area.  Not surprisingly, Jackson only chose to play on the playgrounds where no one else was playing.  There were the typical slides and swings, but there was also an enormous web you could climb and a variety of ladders. 

The only thing the babies can do is swing, so we spent a fair amount of time swinging.  These particular swings had a raised back, which meant my usual tactic of doubling up wouldn't work.  All three did a great job swinging solo.  Maddie grinned and alternated watching me and her feet.

Amelia held on for dear life, despite being incredibly stable.  I guess she was startled at the range of motion she had because she gripped the sides and didn't smile as much. 

James, per usual, had the best reaction and smiled and laughed constantly.

Jackson took the initiative to push Amelia in the swing.  He was so very sweet and kept saying, "I be gentle.  Good girl.  That's it."

This park has campgrounds with lots of trails and a wildlife center.  We saw bald eagles, snakes, fish, ducks, and more.  I forgot to bring bread, but Jack was still happy to talk to the ducks. He walked the entire time, never once choosing to sit in the stroller.

 The turtles were a better received than the snakes.

Seventy degrees is my ideal temperature.  Being able to spend the day outside in such gorgeous weather is always refreshing.  It would have been even more relaxing if we weren't crunched for time.  I had to set my phone alarm to keep me on schedule.  We rushed through WalMart to show off the beautiful babes and just barely made it home in time to greet Maddie's Early Intervention team. Whew!

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  1. I adore that pic of Amelia hanging on for dear life, hilarious!