Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Belly Laugh: Charotte Mommies

When Jackson was born, I found myself feeling isolated and inadequate as a new mother.  I stayed home for four months before returning to work. During that time, I reached out to a local online group of mothers.  I posted occasionally but was never brave enough to attend any of the events.

Fast forward two years and three more kids later.

Earlier this fall when the reality of being a stay at home mother hit, I rejoined the online community of local mothers (Charlotte Mommies).  Once I gained confidence in going out with the kids, I began to participate in events.  Just in the last month I have met mothers for:
  • Coffee meet and greet every Thursday
  • GNO at the movies (August: Osage County)
  • play date at the park
  • play date at the rec center
  • hosted a baby play date at my house
  • GNO: book club
Initially, every get together was like an awkward blind date.  We would message one another to say where would be sitting or what we would be wearing.  I was worried that the women would be catty or exclusive, especially among those that already knew one another.  I've been relieved to experience no such thing. I think we all get along so well because all of us are mothers to young children who feel the need to connect with other moms.  We all took a chance on one another and we have all been the new mom at some point.  I guess that's what makes us all so welcoming.  I can't tell you how refreshing it is that there are no cliques. 

This past Sunday we met up for book club at a fellow mom's house. We ended up staying just over four hours.  It was ridiculous in the best way possible (and there wasn't even any alcohol).  I laughed so hard I cried many times and my belly ached. By the end of the evening it had evolved from a book club to a game night, complete with prancercising.  Amidst the laughter, there were serious moments spent discussing the novel, sharing genuine challenges with raising our kids, and seeking advice on mother-in-laws.

Many of the triplet moms I've befriended through my Facebook group complain that they've lost themselves and no longer recognize themselves.  I, too, have struggled over the months embracing my changing role and losing my career.  However, I have gained so much more than I've lost.  The most surprising gain has been fellowship and support through Charlotte Mommies.

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