Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sitting and Other Big Kid Updates

This has happened regularly over the past few days!  James is officially the first to sit unassisted. He still bends over a good bit rather than sitting up straight.  He has great balance and is able to pick up toys and put them down while sitting.   

Maddie is thriving when it comes to eating solids and is making great attempts at feeding herself.  She's still not quite coordinated enough with Cheerios, but she does well with veggie straws.  She's also the best eater with purees and table food and wastes nothing.

Amelia is scooting and rocking around.  This is how I find her most mornings-jabbering and smiling away with her arms completely extended. 

All three looked so big wearing their big kid pajamas the other night.

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  1. Great, now I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze Amelia. Such big girls and boy!