Monday, March 3, 2014

Rainy Day Fun: Open Gym

I've posted before about taking the kids to the local rec center for indoor play.  (It happened to be the first outing using the quad stroller when I accidentally folded all four kids up inside.)  If the weather prohibits us from going to the park, we head to the playroom to burn off some energy.  They have a floor to ceiling indoor jungle gym that is always open to the public for free. 

Today was the perfect day for the rec center because...
  1. The weather was cold and rainy.
  2. I was meeting Charlotte Mommies friends for a play date from 1:30-3.
  3. Monday afternoon is "open gym" for children ages five and under. 
I've never gone before during open gym because I assumed it was literally just a gymnasium open for kids to run around.  On the contrary, there were little trikes, huge balls, dress up clothes/helmets, hula hoops, and bean bags available for young children to play with.  Even with all the equipment, some of the kids had more fun running up and down the bleachers.

Jackson spent the most time on various trikes, though he used them as walkers rather than using his feet to pedal.

There were even toys appropriate for the babies such as padded equipment and tunnels to crawl through. 

Of course, we don't have crawlers yet so I laid them on our blanket and let them play with our toys from home.  I enjoyed talking to my mommy friends while the big kids wore themselves out.

Jackson was so hyper and comical on the ride to the library that I took video of his nonsense.  He was making up songs and laughing at the silliest things.

Looks like we have a new free resource to take advantage of on Monday afternoons!


  1. I had NO idea that the open gym was like that. We need to go!! My kids would go crazy over that.

    1. Me either! I really thought it was just an empty gym. It's every Monday from 1:30-3. Let me know when you go.