Saturday, June 20, 2015

Chinese Buffet=Naptime

There's a nearby Chinese buffet that offers a $5 lunch special. Jesse and I took the trio yesterday while Jackson was at school. James ate just as much as Jesse and I. He ate several plates of fruits, noodles, chicken, potatoes, crab wanton, and more.

The kids were excited to have their own plates and forks. They also drew plenty of attention from the tables around us, simply by being cute.

The girls ate fruit and meat okay, but preferred the sherbet!

I did not adhere to any aspect of Whole30. (The was the only meal I ate all day. It was delicious, but I felt queasy afterwards and took a two hour that afternoon.)

Even though the trio devoured their food, they were still free since they're under two. Can't beat a buffet for $2 per person!

As we were leaving, the hostess gave us three balloons. This made for very happy toddlers!

We barely arrived on time to pick up Jackson before we accrued late fees. Jackson wanted to go to the park. In less than five minutes on the playground, Jackson managed to cut his foot. He insisted on sitting in the stroller while the rest of us walked to the lake.

After pushing and carrying kids in 100 degree heat, Jesse and I stopped for a selfie before collapsing into the air conditioned van.

Our full bellies and the heat caused everyone to take a long nap once home.

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