Monday, June 1, 2015

New Preschool: Jackson Guest Post

Today was Jackson's first day at his new preschool. 

I asked him questions about his day and he was eager to share many details. This was his response:

My new bookbag had Ninja Turtles on it. What color is it is black. It had all the Ninja Turtles on it. Their names are Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo. You can't see Mikey's nun-chucks or Donnie's bow staff. We covered it up with buttons. [super hero pins]

My first teacher was Ms. Carrie. She had a pink shirt. The other teacher had a blue and white shirt on.

I gave the teachers a snack. It was Goldfish dolphins. Cheese.

At school my new friend was Joshua. We played with Disney cars for fun. And the lid popped open when you moved the switch down.

We switched places. Like two of them were at the kitchen. Two of them were reading books. Two of them were coloring. Then when we switched, I was reading books. I read a Little Critter book. And Curious George. The man in the yellow hat was dressed up as a farmer. It was Halloween. Then it was my turn to color. And I picked orange crayon.

We jumped, mountain climbed, galloped, slide, tip toed, and ran in the gym. We crawled under, then got up. We held onto a bar and put our feet up. Then we got down again and waited. It was someone else's turn.

We were seeing which kid could spell their name, but some (one, two, three, four) couldn't. I couldn't spell my name but the teacher did it if we couldn't. Just one could spell his name.

What I had for lunch was pretzels, sandwich, strawberries. I ate all my strawberries but I had one more bite of sandwich to eat. Our lunchboxes were already out at our seat and we had to find our lunch. We put our lunchboxes in the blue container when we were done.

We played outside. There was a yellow slide and your favorite: a rock wall!

When we were about to go home someone's mom was already coming to take him home. Then I left. That's all we did.

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