Saturday, June 6, 2015

Frank Liske

Jackson's preschool is just minutes away from Frank Liske Park. This enormous park has multiple playgrounds, a barn, walking trails, mini-golf, tennis courts, disc golf, wildlife preservation, barns, and a large lake for fishing or paddle boating. It's very scenic and I assume(d) we would frequent this park at least once a week since we'll be right by it every time we take/pick up Jackson.

We spent the afternoon at the park on Friday. I know I've blogged about this particular park before, but I always think I'm going to have a relaxing afternoon at the park, but leave cursing and completely drenched. Friday was no exception. 

Things started off well with the kids swinging.

At some point I must have said I like rock walls because every time Jackson sees one, he proudly climbs it and shouts, "Look, Mom. Your favorite!"

After the playground we leisurely began walking up the hill. James and Amelia were the first to see the geese. James was the most forward around the geese. The girls were a bit more timid.

I didn't bring any lettuce, but I did have a few quarters that I let Jackson use to buy food.

This is where things took a turn for the worse. As soon as Jackson and James started throwing food out, we were surrounded on all sides by demanding geese. I was mildly amused, though the girls were not. The geese started pecking at one another, flapping their wings, and honking, which sent all four kids into a frenzy.

I had the double stroller and ergo as usual. The gravel is so deep on the trails that the wheels of the stroller always get stuck. I always forget how hard it is to navigate this park with a stroller. It was more effective to walk backwards and pull it rather than push it deeper into the gravel. I was going so slow Amelia just hopped out and started walking. Silly girl! 

As soon as we were a safe distance from the geese, we rested and rehydrated by the lake. Jackson has told us more than once that he'd like to go fishing. I asked one of the men who had just caught a fish to show Jackson. Jack got to see the fish dangling from the line. He was excited. Now we just have to find someone who will take him fishing.

I don't think I'll truly appreciate this park until all four kids can handle walking longer distances. I think we can still take advantage of this park by playing in isolated areas for shorter periods of time. The good news is that we'll pass by it almost every day for the next year, so we'll have plenty of opportunities to explore different areas.

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  1. My Aunt Lisa takes Levi fishing. We'll have to take Jackson to the lake so he and Levi can fish.