Saturday, June 20, 2015

Strangest Mommy-Jack Date Ever

A friend of mine texted me to say she registered for her son to participate in one of those kid's craft days at a craft store, but could no longer participate. She forwarded me the confirmation e-mail so we could go in their place. When we arrived, we were the only people there. The instructor kept talking in her microphone to other employees, but Jackson thought she was talking to him. It was confusing and slightly uncomfortable at times. She sat in front of us and held the paper for Jackson to trace. He had to do lots of tracing, cutting, gluing, and was able to use glitter to make a "popsicle book".

He was quite proud of his book and decided he was going to draw something special inside for Jesse for Father's Day.

Since I crave one-on-one time as much as Jackson does, and I know Jack wanted to eat at a restaurant the other day, I let him pick anywhere to go eat. He picked Denny's. He was extremely polite, ordered his food all by himself, called the waiter "sir", etc. While waiting for our food, Jackson used crayons to draw in his popsicle book.

We were enjoying our meal when Jackson stopped and asked if he could go to the bathroom. I didn't especially want to interrupt our meal but Jack said he needed to poop. I told the waiter we were going to take a quick restroom break. He said, "no problem".

When we returned a few minutes later, our table had been completely bused and they were seating another couple at our table. Jackson and I were holding hands and stood in the dining area completely dumbfounded. Our waiter walked by and I shouted, "WHERE IS OUR FOOD?!" Jackson exclaimed, "Oh no! Where's my spaghetti?"

The ordeal created quite a commotion as various employees came by to try and remedy the situation. The entire table had been cleared, including the popsicle book. The manager originally apologized and said he would offer us a discount. Then a waitress said something to him and he quickly told us not to worry about the if I was really going to pay for a meal that someone else threw away!

Jackson didn't cry, but he was definitely irritated and upset. He wanted to call Daddy in the parking lot and explain everything. Hearing Jackson retell the story to Jesse made me laugh at how ridiculous the whole experience was.

While our morning didn't go as expected, it was certainly a memorable Mommy-Jack date.

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