Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jackson's Guest Post

First I'll talk about Super Hero Squad. (Jack's favorite TV show)
Silver Surfer sent all the other superheroes to different places. Hulk is at the desert. Iron Man was fighting mummies and a vampire. Right now I'm watching Hulk.

At school I did give Daddy a stinky foot. (laughs hysterically) Did you write stinky foot, Mommy? Let's talk about when Daddy picked me up. When Daddy picked me up from school I was so excited. I just said, "Daddy! Daddy!" And the teacher said, "Have a good day." And my daddy said, "You too". We went outside in the shade.

Let's talk about the planes.
At the planes we ate ice cream. I got cookies and cream that time. There were benches and they were a lot of people. Some people were talking to us. The benches were too hot so we put a blanket on top. There were planes. Some were little and some were big.

Now I'll tell you about the pool, okay?
The toys were having a party at the swimming pool today. I swam naked. The pool is outside in the grass. Yesterday we swam in the garage.

Let's talk about the deck.
I painted the deck. I did a good job. It was like a brownish color. I'll just call it brown. Clifford was watching us.

That's all I can talk about today, okay?

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