Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice

(ETA: Technically Summer Solstice was on Sunday, but for some reason I had it in my head it was on Saturday, so I'm going with it.)

We spent the longest day of the year outdoors with family. Jesse's uncle and aunt were in town from WV, so we had even more reason to get-together. We feasted on quite the sandwich spread (mmm, chicken salad!). I think PaPa had at least one child on his lap or in his arms the entire time.

After the thunderstorms passed we played in the pool. (*We* never included Maddie, unfortunately.)

James is too comfortable in the water. He flings himself forward to try and grab toys, face-planting in the water.

I bought a PuddleJumper from Aldi last week for $10. The last time we went swimming Jackson held onto an adult or sat on the edge the entire time, even though he had arm floaties and a tube float I was so proud of Jackson for actually swimming with the Puddle Jumper. This is the first time he's ever kicked and paddled simultaneously.

It took a long time before Amelia was willing to get in the pool, and even then she didn't stay long. At least she had a few moments of fun in the water.

I asked Jesse's mom to pose with her siblings. It's always fun to see the bond between adult siblings, especially with their children grown and grandchildren running around. It always makes me wonder how my siblings and I will look and act in twenty years.

It was well after bedtime when we returned home, but with the sun shining so brightly it felt like the afternoon. It took some time for the kids to wind down from their fun afternoon and evening.

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