Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After the prediabetes diagnosis, I began researching diets and ways of eating that might help me lower my blood sugar. At the same time, I went through 2 jars of Nutella a week and baked/ate cookies, brownies, and cake every single night. I felt like I needed to cram all of my favorite treats in before beginning healthier eating.

I ultimately decided to complete Whole30. If you are unsure of the specifics, here is a recommended shopping list. The idea is to refrain from all grains, added sugar, dairy, soy, legumes, and alcohol. This leaves unlimited vegetables (except corn, peas, and lima beans), fruit, eggs, meat, nuts, and seeds. 

The most challenging, yet most appealing "rule" for me is to not recreate sweets and starches with Whole30 approved ingredients. This article explains it well, but the gist is to avoid the psychological response of eating cookies, pancakes, and muffins. I think this was one of my downfalls with the Wheat Belly diet. I relied too heavily on sweet treats with almond meal, honey, dark chocolate, coconut, almond butter, etc. I tried to recreate my favorite foods with WB items, and they never tasted as good, which made me just want to eat the real thing. With Whole 30, I am not going to bother with coconut flour and almond meal. I'm making basic meals with unprocessed food and playing around with different spices and homemade sauces.

Monday, June 1 was the perfect start date since it was a new week and a new month with 30 days. Here are a few of the meals and sides I've eaten the past few days.

The withdrawl from sugar and grains has been unpleasant, but tolerable. I have spent many, many hours over the past several days researching Whole30 lifestyle, recipes, grocery shopping, planning meals, and cooking. As far as the rest of the family, Jesse is abstaining from grains and sugars, but still including dairy and legumes. The kids are eating the same as always, though I'm hoping to transition them to healthier snacks.

I made a separate page on the blog where I'll be logging all of my food, exercise, sleep, and mood. This is to hold me accountable and allow me to share my Whole 30 experience with others. I don't have any plans after June. Some people continue with another round (Whole60 or Whole90), while others reintroduce foods. I would like to refrain from grains and sugars as much as possible, especially since I have a follow-up doctor's appointment in August. Right now I'm just trying to get through one month of eating only fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, and nuts.


  1. I just started the whole 30 June 1 as well!! I am loving it more than any other eating plan I have tried. I'm not hungry and can feel an increase in energy on day 3. I'm posting pics to keep me accountable on my Instagram at amberds. Good luck!! You got this!!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm not having the immediate success that you are, but I will persevere. I see you have young twins. Are you attempting to get them to eat Whole30? If so, I'd love tips on that! Best wishes to you!