Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Deck Project

On Jesse's first day of summer vacation, he decided he wanted to clean and stain the deck. The project ended up taking well over a week and costing more than expected, but it looks great!

Jesse took everything off the deck, swept it, and washed it with a special deck wash.

This left our yard littered with toys, hardware, furniture, and equipment for a week.

After the deck was cleaned, Jesse and Jack painted the rails with a paintbrush.

The trio wanted to help, so I gave them a cup of water and a brush on the opposite side.

Next step was to spray the deck with a paint sprayer. A few complications with the sprayer set us back a few days. It was so hot the stain literally evaporated.

Here's the deck with the final coat of stain.

The stain is waterproof, which causes water to puddle on the deck.

In addition to staining the deck, we spray painted the table teal and bought new chairs to match the rug we already had. We moved the other chairs in the yard by the fire pit.

The rocking chairs and table are the same.

Jesse secured the shelving to the rails so the trio couldn't accidentally pull it down.

We tided up their toys and bought a new water table at Aldi. The kids have the entire side of the deck to play and run.

The other half of the deck can be used for eating, sitting, and relaxing.

Our final expenses were around $140 for wash, stain, paint, sprayer, chairs, water table, etc. I was hoping to stay under $100, but I'm very pleased with the results and will enjoy our mornings and evenings outside.

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