Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Small Group Fellowship

Our family had such a great evening with church friends. One of the couples in my small group hosted a dinner for the small group. The couple happens to own a barn full of horses, and are also professional golden retriever breeders. Between three of the families in our small group, we have seven children under two! 

I am adamantly against getting a dog, but these puppies were hard to walk away from. Thankfully the puppies are already claimed. Our kids absolutely loved the puppies when they were behind the fence, but less sure when the puppies licked and nibbled them outside the fence.

Dinner was a potluck cookout. I made banana pudding and pound cake. The kids chowed down on fruit, chips, cheese, potato salad, hamburger, and pudding. 

After dinner we toured the barn. The kids were having so much fun until the owner took James inside the stall. The horse got spooked and the trio started screaming inconsolably. The incident did not dissuade Jackson from wanting to ride a horse. Jesse and I were skeptical about Jackson actually getting on the horse once the horse was saddled up. Jack surprised us with his excitement and persistence about getting on the horse.

Jackson was able to ride four laps around the large field, while I waked beside him. He grinned ear to ear the entire time!

As if the animals and open fields weren't enough entertainment, there were baby pools, water balloons, and a water table out for all the kids to enjoy. At one point there were toddlers chasing puppies, kids throwing water balloons, and big kids riding horses. We let the kids play until it was dark, which was nearly 9 pm!

It was such a blessing to be able to enjoy an evening of fellowship together. I am so thankful for this particular small group and the relationships we've formed. I love that our families lives have intertwined.

Half of the families in our small group

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