Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alva Diapers!

I was pleasantly surprised to see this package had arrived at our doorstep yesterday afternoon:

We ordered 20 Alva one-size pocket diapers from China less than two weeks ago for a mere $84 (with free S&H).  The diapers were shipped from Hong Kong and arrived wrapped up in tape.  Jesse slit the package open to find 20 individually wrapped diapers.

Because of Jackson's skin sensitivity, we opened and inspected one diaper to make sure it wasn't suedecloth.  It is a polyester blend and feels different from the BumGenius.  Jesse washed and rinsed the diapers three times and I snapped to the correct size and stuffed inserts once they were dry. 

They appear to be good quality and are very similar to the BG 4.0.  The inserts are thinner, but can still be doubled up for overnight use.  The inserts are all slightly different widths, lengths, and materials, but I guess that's part of the cheap mass production!  Personally, I like that they are less bulky.  The Alvas definitely run larger because Jackson needs the smallest size setting in these, though he already needed the medium setting in the BumGenius a few weeks ago.  I am happy about this because we should be able to use the Alvas longer since it will take a while for Jack to grow out of them. 

The solid colored diapers were on sale, so we received 20 different colors (including white, neon, and various shades of pink and purple).  I have no issues with the colors because, as Jesse says, "He's going to poop in them.  Who cares what they look like?"  We could have specified certain colors or ordered cute prints for slightly more cost if that mattered to us.

We have noticed slight redness on Jackson's skin, but it's not all over like it was with the BumGenius or any more irritated than it has been.  Jesse and I are watching closely at each diaper change to make sure Jackson's skin doesn't increase in irritability. 

So far, so good!

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