Thursday, July 31, 2014

Adventures Uptown: Romare Bearden Park

Ever since my girls' night out in uptown, I've been itching to take the kids to Romare Bearden Park. I don't often venture uptown anymore simply because I hate having to pay to park and have never had the best sense of direction. It was another unseasonably cool day, so our family of six decided to spend the afternoon in the heart of our city. Despite gray skies, we had a fairly dry picnic in the park. The park has a lovely view of the Charlotte skyline, waterfall fountains, interactive chimes, colorful gardens, and open fields of clean grass.

After eating and playing in the park, we walked around a few blocks. The babies were so distracted they didn't know which direction to look. Every pedestrian, bicyclist, and car that passed by was something new and exciting for the trio. Jackson was perfectly content walking around hand in hand with Jesse.

Hopefully I'll be brave enough to wander around uptown alone with the kids this fall.

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