Friday, July 18, 2014

Mommy-Jack Date at Birkdale

We had a scheduled playdate at the Birkdale Splashpad with some CharlotteMommies friends this morning. Jackson has been so attached to Jesse this summer that I was honestly a bit worried he would refuse to go. We could have gone as a whole family but there wasn't a lot for the triplets to do and it was at 10 a.m. which is nap time. I was relieved that Jack was excited to play in the water and eager to leave. 

Jackson takes at least 5 minutes to even leave my side when we go to different playdates.  Even then, he rarely plays with kids unless he knows them well. I know he interacts with his preschool friends, so I'm not too worried. It would just be nice if he was a bit more social. Oh well. He still had loads of fun without technically playing with his peers.

After an hour we walked back to the car and discussed lunch plans. Jackson wanted a hotdog. I didn't know of any restaurants nearby that sold hotdogs but we parked beside a Qdoba. Thankfully, Jack was equally excited when I suggested tacos for lunch.

We took silly pictures after we ate. Jack said, "Let's make a pretend grumpy face."

I was a nanny for a family that lived in Birkdale one summer. I ended up taking Jackson everywhere I used to take those kids. We spent some time at Barnes & Noble. As soon as Jack saw this display, he exclaimed, "Let's read 'Let it Go!"

After reading a few Frozen books, Jackson played with the awesome train table. (Elizabeth, did you spend as much time here as I did?)

After reading more books and building skyscrapers at a Lego table, we walked to the playground. I was proud of myself for remembering where it was. We were the only two people on the playground which made it even more fun.

Nothing beats going on four different adventures with Jack without having to drive to different places. I love this neighborhood. I wish we had entertainment within walking distance from our house. We had a really fun day together free from any tantrums or meltdowns, which is becoming rare these days. It's so nice to spend time with my happy Jack!

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