Thursday, July 10, 2014

Afternoon at the Pool

We took the kids to Jesse's aunt's house to let them spend the afternoon swimming with their cousins. We left immediately after the babies awoke from their morning nap.

The trio enjoyed lunch poolside while Jesse took Jackson and Levi into the pool. 

Amelia was the first of the three to get in the water. She was too curious to finish her meal.

Jesse, his mother, and I each took turns holding babies and swimming with the bigger kids. We made sure each child had time to be held outside of a float so they could splash around and practice swimming.

Jesse conducted a boys' club meeting.
James nearly fell asleep in his float.
Maddie loved being immersed in the water,
almost as much as she loved cuddling with her MiMi.
Amelia was perfectly content eating her cousin's dolls.
Jackson raced me to the deep end, shot water guns, and floated merrily.
All was going well until Jackson had a near drowning incident when he slipped out of his tube. It was one of those moments where time stood still. I scooped him up and rushed him out of the pool. The poor boy is still apologizing for going under water 24 hours later. I don't know why he feels apologetic, but Jesse and I continue to assure him that he didn't do anything wrong.

Jesse and I dried each of the kids off. It became increasingly difficult trying to prevent the babies from crawling into the pool. We loaded them into the van while Jack snuck in a few minutes swinging with his cousin.

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