Saturday, July 19, 2014

Giant ONE Photo Display

I have taken over a thousand pictures of the triplets during their first year of life. I wanted to come up with a creative way to display them. We plan to have a slideshow of about 350 pictures continuously playing on the TV during their party tomorrow. I still wanted a display that people could see at any time. 

Here's a quick "how-to" for making the giant photo display that fills our downstairs hallway.

1. Use painter's tape to create two lines. Measure at various points to make sure they are straight and level.

2. Use painter's tape to spell the word "one".

3. Remove the sections of tape that are not part of the letters.

4. Tape photographs directly onto the painter's tape. (I had to go back and remove the diagonal of the "N" so the tape would not show.

This collage costs $15 to make (roll of painter's tape + printing pictures). I used 74 photos from James, Amelia, and Madeline's first year. I love how big it is and that I am able to showcase my favorite pictures.

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