Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Birthday Party

Today was the triplet's long awaited first birthday party. Over 30 people crammed into our house to eat and celebrate the trio's first year.  Most of the same people were crammed into a hospital room the year before for the babies very first birthday party. It's incredible to think about how our family has transformed in a year. The personalities that have developed among the babies is especially fun to witness.

It was difficult for me not to go over the top with decorations, outfits, and food for the party. Even though it's one party, we're still celebrating three different lives.

I kept decorations simple with pennant banners, the ONE photo collage, and an 8-foot-long banner from Walgreens. I created the banner several weeks ago when they were having a 60% off special. I ended up spending more than I had planned for the decorations (just under $40 on all the displays) but I was really happy with how everything turned out. 

The morning flew by and I was still preparing food as guests arrived. We collectively devoured seven large pizzas, two bags of chips, a huge salad with veggies, fruit salsa with cinnamon pita chips, a half sheet cake, 24 mini cupcakes, and a gallon of ice cream!

Can you find Maddie's milk? Sneaky sister!
After the mess of the cake smash photos, we decided to give the trio their cake outside. I was especially thankful that the rain held off until after the party. The second round of smash cakes were less attractive than the first, but cute enough. I baked smaller chocolate cakes covered in cream cheese icing and sprinkles. 

As people finished eating lunch, my sister and I moved the high chairs outside. We were able to quickly attach the high chair skirts and pennant onto the trays, then thumbtack a banner to the fence. 

There was plenty of room outside for family and friends to watch. (Confession: We forgot to sing "Happy Birthday".)

James continued his technique of grabbing fists full of cake and smearing it over every surface. I'm not sure he actually ate any of it.

Amelia was especially fun to watch. She played around with the sprinkles for a while, before putting her whole face in the cake. When that wasn't enough, she picked up the entire cake and ate it like a sandwich. My little heifer.

Madeline was completely uninterested. She barely even touched the cake. After I finally cut a sliver for her, she began to eat some cake. A few minutes later she ripped off her bow (again), pulled off the high chair skirt, and slid her cake off the tray. 

I chose to keep the babies clothed for the cake smash so we could simply take their clothes off for a quick cleanup. It's amazing how fast babies can be washed off when there are two adults per baby.

We served dessert for the guests while James, Amelia, and Maddie were cleaned and changed. I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to make a complicated cake and instead, opting to buy a huge photo cake for $20.

Opening gifts was a bit of a whirlwind. I can remember Jackson actually unwrapping his presents and taking tissue paper out of bags at his first birthday. The triplets were all over the place. They were excited but distracted. If Amelia had a toy that lit up, James would put his bucket down and turn to get Amelia's toy. Then Maddie would get distracted and want a bag, and so on.

The week leading up to their birthday has been exhausting. (I fully recognize that I brought any stress upon myself.) I'm glad that their party is over and I can find another project (or book) to consume my time. I was especially grateful today that our house was filled with people that love James, Amelia, and Maddie--people that will continue to nurture and care for them throughout their childhood and adolescence. It's been a crazy year full of amazing changes and growth (from all six of us). I am just so thankful to be exactly where I am in my life right now.

Year two, bring it on!

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