Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Squeezable Pouches and Sippy Cups

The trio have gained more independence this week with eating and drinking. The squeezable pouches I ordered finally arrived yesterday. (They were $1 each! Hooray for co-ops.) 

So far the babies have fed themselves applesauce and oatmeal. I have to roll the end of the pouch and push the food farther up, but they are great at sucking the food. A few months ago when I gave them store-bought pouches, the girls squeezed the entire contents out on the floor. They have definitely made progress!

The other big news is that each kid has finally gotten the hang of sippy cups. We use the Munchkin weighted straw cups so they can hold the cup at any angle and still drink from it. We've eliminated the breakfast, lunch and dinner bottles. I don't expect to cut the nighttime bottle out anytime soon, though.

James and Amelia are drinking half formula/half cow's milk. Maddie is drinking formula. After a few days of limited cow's milk, Maddie's eczema and reflux worsened. We'll ask the pediatrician about it at their 1 year well check next week.

Just in case you're wondering, we keep the babies in this high chair arrangement for breakfast and lunch because we don't sit down together as a family. James must be separate from the girls since he steals their food. We push the high chairs up to the dining room table when we have dinner.

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