Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Week

July is full of birthday celebrations!

1. Happy birthday to me!
I celebrated my 28th birthday with not one, but two family get-togethers. Unfortunately, the birthday lunch I requested caused me to be violently ill for the next 12 hours. Apparently fried shrimp and cake is not much of a treat when your body is used to eating fresh produce and meats.

In addition to an upset stomach, multiple events throughout the day caused unnecessary stress. Red dye that only created pink, being unable to attend weekly coffee, having to cater to Jesse's schedule, and resentment over not teaching next year were a few of the factors that put me in a bad mood. Thankfully, the evening ended on a high note with my family piling into our home for a taco feast.

2. Happy birthday, USA.
Fourth of July was very low key. The only celebrating we did was lighting several packs of sparklers on fire.

3. Happy birthday, Jason.
Jesse's brother, Jason, was surrounded by family and food of his choice. Hopefully those two things were enough to create an enjoyable birthday. I didn't think to actually take a picture of him, though I did take a few pictures of the daughter of a family friend playing with the trio. They could totally pass for quadruplets.

4. Happy birthday, Katie.
I completely missed the traditional midnight phone call to wish my sister a happy birthday. Hopefully I was able to redeem myself by showing up for lunch with a chocolate mocha cake. I love that lunch with sisters takes priority on our birthdays. This is a ridiculous picture for multiple reasons, but it is a pretty accurate reflection of our silliness.

With four birthdays down, we have four more to celebrate next week. My niece is turning 17, then James, Amelia, and Madeline are turning ONE!

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