Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This is What Happens When...

Jackson and Amelia are the only two people playing in the nursery.
The safety lock is taken off the cabinets for a second (long enough for me to grab a pot).
Jackson leaves food on the coffee table.
James throws his cup of milk (approximately 16 times a day)
We attempt to play on the deck.
I ask Jesse to take a picture of the girls and I playing in the sprinkler. Really?
James plays in the sandbox.
Maddie wants more food. (Guess it's time to actually use the buckle.)
James refuses to nap. (Please note: He was fully dressed when we laid him down.)
I run upstairs to get something without putting the gate up.
Amelia sits on Maddie's foot. (Maddie pushed her to the ground a few seconds later.)
Amelia's inner bad ass comes out. (She crawled across the yard and got on Jack's bike by herself.)
James discovers saran-wrap.
You marry someone obsessed with psychological thrillers and horror. 
James feeds himself beans.
Jesse practices the long jump.
MiMi tries to leave.
the bathroom door is accidentally left open.
You blink and you suddenly have three one-year olds standing up.


  1. Aww, Lila used to *always* undress like James! I cannot get over how much Maddie is changing into such a toddler. Stop.It.