Friday, July 11, 2014

One-on-One Dates

Jesse and I managed to squeeze in three "dates" this week to give the kids and one another some individual attention.

Tuesday: Movie and Park
Jesse took Jackson to the $1 movie to see Free Birds. Jackson proudly paid for his movie and popcorn from his very full piggy bank. Jackson lost interest in the movie after he took a restroom break midway through. He then "played" games at the arcade before stopping by the park for a few minutes of outdoor play.

Thursday: Mexican Fiesta
Jesse's mom came over so the boys (Jackson and his cousin) could play together. While the babies napped, Jesse and I escaped to our favorite Mexican restaurant. (In case you're wondering, we dismissed the chips and salsa but consumed a lot of carbs through beans, rice, and corn shell.) It's been nearly two months since our last date, so it was nice to get out of the house sans kids. After some serious job related stress, we are back to a more relaxed, playful relationship.

Friday aka "Dress Like a Cow and Eat Free at Chick-Fil-A" day
Maddie and I had an impromptu lunch date. I saw a few pictures of Facebook friends dressed like cows, and immediately recalled an adorable cow print cloth diaper passed down from my sister. Maddie was the only one small enough to wear it, so she accompanied me for our free lunch. For once, I didn't overthink anything or spend too much time on a craft. I spent less than 5 minutes cutting amoeba shapes out of black construction paper and safety pinning them onto a white apron. Voila!

They gave Maddie a 12 piece chicken nugget kids meal with a huge side of fries and apple juice! It was an absurd amount of food. Her three siblings helped eat the remains that we brought home. It was the first time any of the babies ate a french fry. They were a huge hit. I had my bunless chicken sandwich and a couple of fries. Free food always tastes better.

We also managed to have some family fun at the pool, the museum, and around the house this week. I wouldn't say that summer is any slower-paced than the school year, but it definitely helps having Jesse here to share the responsibility and attention.

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