Thursday, June 5, 2014

10.5 Months Postpartum

I had extreme difficulty finding maternity shirts that covered my stomach towards the end of my triplet pregnancy. I discovered that clingy dresses made perfect maternity shirts. I bought a few inexpensive dresses that I knew I would actually wear after my body returned to a decent size.

There was one dress in particular that I decided would be my "goal" dress. I hoped to be able to wear it after a year. It took me over six months postpartum to even attempt to lose weight. I didn't begin any real weight loss efforts until I stopped pumping at 9 months. 

I'm feeling a lot better about my body and decided to try on my dress today at 10.5 months postpartum. There's definitely some lumps I'd still like to minimize, ideally within the next six weeks. Overall, I feel pretty damn proud about how my body stretched to carry three humans, as well as how it is returning to a healthy shape.

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