Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wheat Belly: Three Weeks In

Quick notes from the week:

Jesse: bicycle twice, jogged once, weightlifted twice (will begin P90X tomorow!)
Bonnie: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout video 5x, neighborhood walk w/ stroller twice, yoga twice

Favorite Meal:
Jesse: taco salad
Bonnie: meatloaf, cauliflower mash, "creamed" spinach

Food Fails:
Jesse: coconut pancakes and sweet potato cakes were both disasters
Bonnie: spaghetti squash looked exactly like spaghetti but was a huge disappointment

Greatest Food Challenge This Week:
Jesse: not eating cake and ice cream at birthday party
Bonnie: staying hydrated. I am so sick of water!

Jesse: pants are loose
Bonnie: very few temptations, lost 4 lbs

While not deliberate, we both consumed grains by eating a communion wafer, chili that had modified cornstarch, and meatballs that were likely cooked in non-WB friendly BBQ sauce.

Total Weight Loss:
Jesse: down 14 lbs
Bonnie: down 18 lbs

Meals from the Week:

Paleo Chicken Tetrazzini (zucchini noodles)

Taco salad (romaine, avocado, beef, cheese, salsa)

banana/egg/walnut pancakes

Stuffed peppers (beef, salsa, tomato sauce, cheese)

Meatloaf (almond meal in place of bread crumbs), mashed cauliflower, spinach

Spaghetti squash with Cajun spiced chicken breast

Paleo chocolate chip cookies

strawberries, uncured bacon, scrambled eggs, cheesecake (coconut flour,eggs, ricotta)

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