Sunday, June 15, 2014

11 Months

sleeping habits:
All three are asleep in their cribs between 7-7:15 p.m. They wake up between 6:30-7 a.m.  They rarely wake in the middle of the night and haven't had any middle of the night feedings in over a month. (Confession: Maddie has been waking hourly the past few nights! It's like having a newborn again.)

They go down for a morning nap in their cribs around 9:30/10 and sleep until noon on good days. Afternoon naps are shorter and the times vary depending on our outings.

eating habits: 
The babies receive four 6-oz bottles a day. Three are formula and one is donor breastmilk.

7:00 am- 6 oz bottle
8 a.m.--fruit cup, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, graham crackers, pancakes, etc

11:30/12.--6 oz bottle
1 p.m.-quesadilla, grilled cheese, leftovers, heated deli meat, fruit, veggies, etc (all finger foods)

4/4:30 p.m.--6 oz bottle
5/5:30 p.m.--eat table food in high chairs

7 p.m.--6 oz bottle

I just purchased squeezable pouches and look forward to offering yogurt, oatmeal, purees, etc.

James-pull himself up to standing position, crawls on hands and knees, sits unassisted, feeds himself finger foods, has two bottom teeth, drinks from a sippy cup
Amelia-pull herself up to knees, crawls on hands and knees, sits unassisted, feeds herself finger foods
Maddie-smoothly transitions from belly to seated position, takes a few steps on hands and knees, sits unassisted, feeds herself finger foods, has two teeth

-The girls are boycotting sippy cups, despite being offered water three times a day. Amelia will suck it out and let the water dribble down. Maddie just plays with the cup.
-We've all been a sweaty mess after our air conditioner finally broke a week ago.

-Connecting both baby gates has created a large, safe space on the deck for the babies to play outside.
-Maddie has increased mobility and core strength thanks to regularly wearing hip-helpers.

special notes:
-The babies love swimming in their inflatable swimming pool and their aunt's in-ground swimming pool.
-We have yet to spend a single dime on formula, thanks to pumping for 9 months, donor milk, and Enfamil multiples program.
-Friday was the last day of school, which means the babies get to enjoy summer with their Mommy AND Daddy!

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