Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Fun with Fondant

I've used fondant, gum paste, and candy clay in the past for cake decorations, but I had never covered a cake in fondant before. When a friend requested an Angry Birds cake, particularly the black bird, I knew fondant would be the best choice. It is difficult to dye buttercream a true black, and it would be a mess on little hands and mouths. I baked a three-layered cake, iced it with vanilla buttercream, and watched a few YouTube tutorials on how to roll out fondant. 

It wasn't flawless, but I think it turned out okay considering I lacked the "necessary" tools. I just used what I had on hand: wax paper, a large rolling pin, and a knife. 

After covering the cake with black fondant, I traced the circumference of the cake pan on wax paper. I used various fondant and sugar sheets to build the bird's face on my wax paper model. 

I was pleased with the final cake and went to bed. The next morning, Jackson took it upon himself to peel parts of the fondant off and eat it! I managed to recover most of the damage, but not all of it! Here's the final cake:

The fondant made the cake harder to slice. It still turned out fine.

I was worried that the cake wouldn't feed enough people so I also made a dozen cupcakes. This is the same chocolate icing that I ended up eating in excess. So, so good, yet oh so bad.

All in all, a fun cake to make and a very fun party!


  1. Sorry I laughed out loud......

    1. I laughed because Jack ate the fondant..... :)

  2. It was seriously an awesome cake!

  3. It turned out great! Connor loved it and it looks way better than the Target cake.